Thursday, 26 November 2015

Top of the Pops, 26th November 2015

This week, more than ever before, is Bieber Week. In an unprecedented chart full house, young Justin has the number one single, the highest new entry and the high climber - and they're all different songs. Fortunately he agrees to grace us with his presence, performing quite a chunk of his newly released album.

Other than that there's a strong X Factor connection: One Direction and Olly Murs are former contestants, Jess Glynne has recently performed on the results show and even Ariana Grande benefits from One Last Time being chosen, during Movie Week for some reason.

Debuts: Format B.

One Direction - Perfect / Drag Me Down

Up 6 to number 10 / Up 15 to number 37

Jess Glynne - Don't Be So Hard On Yourself

Up 1 to number 30

Format B - Chunky

In at number 29

Years & Years - Eyes Shut

Up 8 to number 40

Ariana Grande - Focus / One Last Time

Up 3 to number 21 / Back in at number 49

KSI ft. JME - Keep Up

In at number 45

Olly Murs - Kiss Me

Up 5 to number 22

Justin Bieber - Sorry / Love Yourself / I'll Show You

Up 1 to number 1 / Highest New Entry - In at number 3 / High Climber - Up 17 to number 15

PRESENTER: Justin Bieber

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