Saturday, 15 June 2013

It's still number one!

The idea for this blog is simple: I'm going to imagine that Top of the Pops hasn't been cancelled, and that instead they appointed me as producer. On this authority, I'm going to tell you who'd be on the show each week.

A while ago I wrote a post on another blog about why Top of the Pops would be more relevant now than it was when it was cancelled. One of the main points of that was that to work, TOTP would need to be as true to its role as a chart show as possible. With this in mind, there are some rules that the line-up will be sticking to quite strictly.

 Here are the rules:

  1. You can't be on the show unless you're climbing the chart, except for the number one song of course. 
  2. You can't be on the show with the same song two weeks in a row, again except for the number one song. 
  3. If you want to be on, you have to come into the studio and perform - no videos, no satellite link-ups unless there are exceptional circumstances. Though once again, the number one song gets a pass. 
  4. No repeating filmed performances from previous weeks. You have to come into the studio again if you want to be on again. Artists who come on a lot will be encouraged to do an unusual or unique performance, without getting too Live Lounge about it. 
  5. If you have two songs climbing the chart, which happens quite a lot nowadays, you'll have the option of doing a medley. 
  6. If there aren't enough climbers who want to come on the show, we don't mind going a long way down the chart to find people who do want the slot. 
  7. There is up to one "From the Vault" slot each week for an old song that's re-entered the chart. For this, we'll show an old performance from TOTP when the song first charted. 

 So that's it. Tune in on Thursday to see who's on the first show!

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